Convenience Stores

A conversation with a friend about Circle K brought this to mind...

Growing up in Phoenix, the convenience stores were all Circle K, 7-11, and AM-PM. I liked Circle K, because there was one down the street from my house and also my school.

When I moved to Colorado, there was no Circle K to be found. There was no AM-PM, either. I don't remember 7-11, but I was drunk 75% of the time, so I don't think I'd notice if there was. Down the street from my apartment, next to the liquor store, was the Loaf & Jug. I'd never been fond of that name, and something about it always bothered me. I'd never been able to pinpoint exactly what bothered me about the name until this morning.

I have figured out why the Loaf & Jug bothered me...
It's a Cleavland Steamer.

ANOTHER creature!

We got a bunny this weekend. Went to the pet store for rat food, and were told that somebody had surrendered a rabbit. Apparently, they had her OUTSIDE and decided that the heat was bad for her. No shit! It's been over 100° for the past 40 days, and these people were keeping a rabbit in a hutch outside? Based on the age of the rabbit, we think she was a novelty pet given as an Easter gift. How fucked up is that? You don't know shit about caring for an animal, and you get one as a gift for your kids? And mistreat it?

Anyway, we took her home and put her hutch next to the rat cage in out bedroom. She seems happy...the previous owners weren't giving her timothy hay...they had "Timothy Hay Treats", which DON'T cut it. Also, we got her toys. Rabbits are VERY smart and get board easily unless they have something to play with.

She seems really happy. The cat is scared shitless of her...he refuses to go near the hutch. :D


Tell me these don't sound alike!

Katy Perry - E.T.

Which sounds an awful lot like most of the songs by t.A.T.u.

Тату́ - Нас не догонят

Тату́ - Я сошла с ума

Since when did Katy Perry start ripping off Russian pop groups?
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